Schedule of Classes: Departments

Spring 2021, Bloomington

The Spring 2021 course offerings listed in the attached report are not real time, but will be updated on a daily basis throughout the Registration period. Please note that any changes to the schedule (such as new courses, days, room assignments, or instructor name) will appear the next time the report is updated.

NOTE: You will see ***** next to some classes instead of a class number. In the new system, only one component of a class that includes a lecture/lab/discussion combination is designated as the "enrollment" class (usually the lab or discussion). This "enrollment" class is the only one with a class number listed -- you will use this class number in registration. Once this initial "enrollment" class is added, you will be prompted to choose the other related components.

RSTR = Class Restricted (Class, School, Major, Prerequisite Required, etc.)
PERM = Class requires Student Permission from Course Department
VT = Variable Title
CLSD = Class closed
***** = Class that is "related" to another enrollment class. See detail above.

Information on this report reflects data as of the end of the day Thursday, April 29, 2021

AAAD African Am & Afri Diaspora Std
AADM Arts Administration
AAST Asian American Studies
ABEH Animal Behavior
AERO Aerospace Studies
AFRI African Studies
AMST American Studies
ANAT Anatomy
ANTH Anthropology
ARTH Art History
ASCS Arts&Sciences Career Services
AST Astronomy
BIOC Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
BIOT Biotechnology
BUS Business
CEUS Central Eurasian Studies
CHEM Chemistry
CJHS Cr Justice & Homeland Security
CJUS Criminal Justice-Coas
CLAS Classical Studies
CLLC Collins Living-Learning Center
CMCL Communication & Culture
CMLT Comparative Literature
COGS Cognitive Science
COLL College of Arts & Sciences
CSCI Computer Science
CTIH Theoretical Inq in Humanities
CULS Cultural Studies
DAH Digital Arts & Humanities
DSCI Data Science
EALC East Asian Lang & Culture
EAS Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
ECON Economics
EDUC Education
ENG English
ENGR Intelligent Systems Engineerng
EURO European Studies
FOLK Folklore and Ethnomusicology
FRIT French And Italian
GEOG Geography
GEOL Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
GER Germanic Languages
GLLC Global Village Lvg-Lrng Center
GNDR Gender Studies
GRAD Graduate
HISP Spanish & Portuguese
HIST History
HON Honors
HPSC Hist & Phil Of Sci & Medicine
HUBI Human Biology
ILS Information & Library Science
IMP Individualized Major Program
INFO Informatics
INST India Studies
INTL International Studies
JSTU Jewish Studies
KINS Kinsey Institute
LAMP Liberal Arts And Mgmt Program
LATS Latino Studies
LING Linguistics
LSTU Labor Studies
LTAM Latin American Studies
MATH Mathematics
MEST Medieval Studies
MIL Military
MLS Molecular Life Sciences
MSCH The Media School
MSCI Medical Sciences
MUS Music
NELC Near Eastern Lang & Cultures
NEUS Center For Neural Sciences
NURS Nursing
OPT Optometry
OVST Overseas Studies
PACE Political & Civic Engagemt Prg
PHIL Philosophy
PHSL Physiology
PHYS Physics
POLS Political Science
PSY Psychological & Brain Sciences
REEI Russian & East European Inst
REL Religious Studies
REN Renaissance Studies
SEAS Southeast Asian Studies
SGIS Global & International Studies
SLAV Slav&East Euro Lang & Cultures
SLST Second Language Studies
SOAD School of Art and Design
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SPCN Pub & Env Aff-SPEA Connect
SPEA Public And Envir Affairs
SPH Public Health
SPHS Speech & Hearing Sciences
STAT Statistics
SWK Social Work
THTR Theatre, Drama & Cntmp Dance
TOPT Optometric Technology
VSCI Vision Science