Course Listing: CANOEING

Fall 2020, Bloomington

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              13202          06:45P-09:15P   T      HD TBA    McCune M                 16    3    0
                                                              Nixon H
                             ARR             FSN    HD TBA    Nixon H
                                                              McCune M
                 Above Class has and overnight component Sept. 18-20th.
                 Students must be prepared to leave by 3pm on Sept. 18th. 
                 Class Sessions will be held at IU Outdoor Adventures in
                 Eigenmann Hall on Sept. 8th and 15th.
                 This class requires an SPH Fee/HEWD Level 3. Current rates
                 are available at
                 Final Assignment Due on Sept. 25th
                 Above class taught in a Hybrid manner which includes In
                 Person and Online Instruction.  For more information visit