Course Listing: HONORS THESIS

Fall 2020, Bloomington

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               3523 PERM     ARR             ARR    ARR       Craiutu A                15   15    0
                 For permission to register for this course please contact
                 Political Science advising, 812-855-6308.
                 Optional additional hours for Political Science honors
                 thesis.  May be taken for a maximum of 8 credit hours over
                 multiple semesters
                 Above class is taught as Independent or Guided Study. For
                 more information visit
        POLS-Y 499  HONORS THESIS (3 CR)
              10885 PERM     04:55P-07:25P   W      WB WEB    Craiutu A                15    8    0
                 For permission to register for this class please contact
                 Political Science advising 812-855-6308.
                 Above class for Political Science Honor students Colloquium.
                 Required for students doing Political Science Honors thesis
                 Above class COLL Intensive Writing section
                 Above class meets 100% Online through Synchronous
                 instruction.  For more information visit