Fall 2020, Bloomington

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              38193 RSTR     02:00P-04:30P   M      TV 180    Weaver K                  6    1    0
                 P 453 : P - A grade of C- or higher in MSCH-C 223, MSCH-C
                 229, and one of MSCH-P 351, MSCH-P 352, MSCH-P 353, MSCH-P
                 354, MSCH-P 369, or MSCH-P 422; or consent of instructor
                 Above class taught in a Hybrid manner which includes In
                 Person and Online Instruction.  For more information visit
                 Above class meets in person and online. Not all students will
                 meet in person at the same time or for the total time listed
                 in the class meetings. The instructor will inform each
                 student when to be in the classroom and when to meet and/or
                 complete work online.