Course Listing: HONORS THESIS

Fall 2020, Bloomington

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               1654 PERM     ARR             ARR    ARR       Kaganovich M              7    3    0
                                                              Swyers H
                 E 499 : P - ECON-E 321 or S 321, E 322 or S 322, E 370 or S
                 370; undergraduate ECON major or interdepartmental major
                 (ECON/POLS or ECON/MATH) with 3.00 ECON GPA or higher
                 Additional prerequisites may be required by faculty mentor
                 E 499 : Enrollment request form must be obtained in WY105
                 Above class is an Honors course
                 A maximum of 3 credit hours in ECON-E 499 may count toward
                 the major in Economics
                 Above class is taught as Independent or Guided Study. For
                 more information visit