Course Listing: ENTOMOLOGY

Fall 2020, Bloomington

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              13374 RSTR     12:30P-01:20P   MW     JH 124    Moczek A                 24    2    0
                 Z 373 : P - One Introductory Biology Course
                 Above class meets with BIOL-Z 620
                 Laboratory (LAB)
              13375 RSTR     02:00P-04:00P   W      JH 122    Moczek A                 24    2    0
                 Class divided into three groups.  Each group meets in person
                 every third week, with other two groups online (synchronous.)
                 This class requires a Science Infrastructure Fee V. Current
                 rates are available at
                 Above class taught in a Hybrid manner which includes In
                 Person and Online Instruction.  For more information visit